Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Furry Friends and an Epiphany.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an animal lover, I have several rescued pets and absolutely adore all animals.  Last night I got a text from a friend who has a dog that plays with my dogs over in the local field, sadly he had to be put to sleep last night, needless to say I was absolutely heartbroken for all the family and for the lovely dog whose name was Patch.

I got to thinking about pets and their souls, I have always held the strong belief that animals go into the next life with our Lord Jesus and live in heavenly splendour, hopefully meeting with their loving owners in time, I hold steadfast in that belief because my pets have loving souls, they are all created of one God and all have their own characters and traits, just like humans.

Then it hit me.  If I believe that my pets and your pets go to heaven, what about the animals I EAT.

I have tried many times over the years to cease eating meat, due to my aforementioned beliefs, but I have always gone back to meat eating at some point, always feeling slightly uneasy about it too I might add.

I live in a rural area, every day I feed ponies, cows, sheep, pet the goats, take bread for the chickens etc. They have souls too just like the doggies I take with me, so why? Why do I think its ok to eat them?

To be totally honest, its been a major Epiphany for me and one that I think has finally sealed the lid on my meat eating days for good.

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  1. I wish I could become vegetarian. I too love animals, so much, I often say I like animals more then humans. I've gone through stages where i've gone months without eating red meat, I however do tend to slip back into it. I hope one day i'm strong enough to make the change.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends dog. My best freind & neighbour just lost her 15 year old dog, he had a wonderful life, but it's hard to lose a loved one.