Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I need Frankie Avalon.

Do you remember that scene in the film Grease, where Frenchie had dropped out of High School to go to Beauty School but very quickly found out it wasnt for her, she was sitting alone in the Diner wondering what to make of her tattered dreams and how to move on in life and suddenly Frankie Avalon appeared to sing 'Beauty School Dropout' moving down and angelic staircase to tell her 'go back to High School'.

I need Frankie Avalon.

I feel like I am swirling in a vortex that I cant get out of, medication/no medication, drinking/no drinking, AA/go it alone, therapy/no therapy, doctors/no doctors and on and on.....

My head feels so battered with it all I literally cannot think straight anymore, I dont know how to move forward, but  I know I must, I know this is not the life the Lord mapped out for me, somewhere I have fallen off the track and wondered into oblivion, I just dont know where to find the help to get me back onto that track.

Lack of support from Family doesnt help, an overworked GP with no resources doesnt help, the anniversary of my beloved Mums death coming up doesnt help. So what *will* help?!

I wish  Frankie Avalon would come and tell me what to do, today.


  1. Oh goodness, that is so much to deal with. I don't know what the answer is.

    But for what its worth Frankie Avalon got me thinking of when Anthony Warlow played that character in the stage version. Which got me thinking of when he sung with one of my favourite singers in another production. Which got me thinking that sometimes the only thing that works to make me feel better is doing what I love- listening to music, watching a movie, talking to a friend, being warm, going on the internet... you get the picture.

    So, those things mightn't fix much but they might help. Sometime little things can help in big ways.

    I hope you get to do what you love today, you deserve it.

    (Fat in a Leotard)

  2. Hey! Through following various blogger links, I found you. I have bipolar 2 too. Mind if I add you to my blogroll? Not a lot of people blogging about bipolar that have recent posts!

  3. awww, i wish i could send you a Frankie! :( xxx