Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lithium Musings.

When my Psychiatrist first offered me Lithium some 2 months ago, my immediate reaction was 'give it to me now' 'ill try anything' 'I just want to feel well' he very sensibly advised me to go home, research the drug, read up on it and give myself a good 4-6 weeks to decide whether or not to take it.

I did this and very quickly changed my mind about Lithium, the horror stories I read on the internet were awful, I searched and searched and searched endlessly and can honestly say I think I read just one positive review of the drug.  I soon decided that I was absolutely not going to take it, this in itself sunk me back into a deep depression.

Last week, realising I cannot stick my head in the sand any longer I went back to my Psychiatrist and very cautiously discussed my fears about Lithium, I told him what I had read and why I was now against taking the drug.  He was wonderful and discussed all my fears and concerns, we talked for a long time and in the end he said to me 'just what do you have to lose?' and I realised I had nothing to lose!  I couldnt carry on any longer the way I was.

So, with a heavy heart and a deep sense of trepidation I took the prescription for the Lithium and 6 days ago began taking it.

That 6 days have been a revelation to me, I have suffered no side effects whatsoever, aside from a little nausea on Saturday when I got too hot, I have been feeling good.  The most amazing thing is, I am beginning to feel much better, I can almost feel my mood lifting and I hardly dare believe it.

All the reports I read on vomiting, shaking, hand tremors etc I have not experienced.  I may be the exception to the rule but I now think that the Internet is showing biased experiences.

Its like someone is starting to lift a veil in my brain, so hard to explain after feeling this way for so long, but I know I am feeling better, being one of natures pessimists I am just hoping it continues, but so far, so very good for me!

I will, of course, keep you updated on my progress but for now, I am very hopeful that this could well be the wonder cure my Psychiatrist told me it would be!

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